SDFI’s Net Income Soars by 46% in 2015

sdfi net income growth 2015SEDPI Development Finance, Inc.’s (SDFI) net income jumped by 46% from PhP3.44 million in 2014 to PhP5.03 million in 2015. This is the highest net income of SDFI on record. The surge in net income is on the back of modest asset growth of only 9% that is an indicator of a more efficient use of resources.

Revenues generated for the year increased by 5% while expenses declined by 2% for the same year. The increase in revenues and decrease in expenses resulted in a robust growth of the financing company’s bottom line.

There was only a slight increase in revenues due to the low interest rate environment in the Philippines. SDFI used to extend loans at an average of 13% per annum, now it only extends 11% per annum on average. It could hardly compete with commercial banks that extend 5% to 8% per annum to microfinance institutions. Commercial banks mobilize very low interest-bearing deposits from the public while SDFI mobilize investments from OFWs that gives up to 6% return per annum. This is to fulfill SEDPI’s mission to provide better returns to its investors who are mostly domestic workers overseas.

In spite of the slower growth in assets, SEDPI was still able to exceed its target. It targeted total assets of PhP250 million while actual total assets stood at PhP267 million. SEDPI is gearing up to achieve its target to grow to PhP350 million for 2016. The recent approval of a fresh line of credit worth PhP30 million from Union Bank will enable it to achieve this goal. It will also pursue a more active role in mobilizing social investments from Overseas Filipino Workers as well as young professionals in the Philippines.

The growth in equity outpaced growth in liabilities for 2015. Growth in equity was 16% while growth in liabilities was only 7%. This is a good position to be in since capital adequacy is strengthened to 27%. The banking industry standard is only 10% for the capital adequacy ratio. A good capital adequacy ratio means that the company is able to better serve its long term obligations from creditors.

For 2016, SEDPI hopes to further strengthen its financial performance as it tries to empower more Filipinos through its products and services.

sdfi assets, liabilities and equity growth 2015