SEDPI and Land Bank of the Philippines: Strengthening Ties for Sustainable Development

Rosario, Agusan del Sur – In a significant step towards enhancing their long-standing partnership, SEDPI hosted a comprehensive field visit for representatives from the Land Bank of the Philippines (LBP) at their KaNegosyo Bayugan branch. This visit, involving key personnel from both organizations, served as a platform for collaborative discussion and strategic planning.

The day began early with the LBP team, including Account Officer Kaye Dacanay and Assistant Vice President Nel Almario, being warmly welcomed at the Bayugan branch. The morning meeting set the tone for a day of insightful exchanges and mutual learning.

A pivotal part of the visit was the enlightening orientation and presentation session, where SEDPI detailed their Joint Venture portfolio, KaTambayayong, KaIpon and KaBalai programs. This session, led by SEDPI KaNegsyo’s Operations Manager, Elysil Claudel, showcased the organization’s operational expansion and portfolio, eliciting positive feedback from the LBP representatives.

The visit to the Cortes Center was particularly noteworthy. It allowed the LBP lending team to observe SEDPI’s effective payment collection processes and suggest improvements, reflecting a shared commitment to continuous improvement and member satisfaction.

The trip then proceeded to SEDPI’s headquarters in Rosario, Agusan del Sur, where informal discussions and a lunch meeting fostered deeper conversations and relationship-building. Vince Rapisura, leading the discussion, emphasized SEDPI KaBalai’s unique approach in comparison to organizations like Habitat for Humanity and Gawad Kalinga. He highlighted the integration of livelihood interventions, skill training, and strategic partnerships in their model.

The visit, which concluded with a cordial photo session, marked a successful and fruitful exchange between SEDPI and LBP. It not only reinforced the existing relationship but also paved the way for future collaborations aimed at sustainable community development and empowerment.

About SEDPI: SEDPI, a client of LBP since 2012, has been at the forefront of nanoenterprise development financing in Mindanao, offering innovative solutions for sustainable development and empowerment.

About LBP: The Land Bank of the Philippines, a long-term partner of SEDPI, plays a crucial role in supporting various development initiatives across the country, fostering economic growth and community development.

Mr. Manuel Ray Almario, Assistant Vice President of the Land Bank of the Philippines, observes transactions in Cortes Center at SEDPI KaNegosyo’s Bayugan branch.

From left to right: Vince Rapisura, SEDPI President; Elysil Claudel, SEDPI KaNegosyo Operations Manager; Edwin Salonga, SEDPI Chairperson; and visiting delegation of Land Bank of the Philippines – Angelli Ehimplar, Allan Glendale Cabaña, Manuel Ray Almario, Kaye Dacanay, Joana Demonteverde, Dindo Dinopol and Chilla Mantilla.

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