Resource Speakers

The F/LSE Program are composed of resource speakers and trainers who are pioneers and experts in their own fields of expertise. They have vast experience in the areas of leadership, financial literacy and social entrepreneurship. All resource speakers work on a volunteer basis for the program. Some even shoulder the cost of transportation and lodging themselves. This is because all the resource speakers share the same vision to contribute to the development of migrants to be highly respected members of society and contribute to nation building.

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Florisa Almodiel
Arnel Casanova
Teodora Dizon
Stefano Fois
Fr. Patrick Falguera, SJ
Alexandra Ganzon
Ma. Teresa Medrano-Ganzon
Dr. Juan Kanapi Jr.
Daniela Laurel
Antonio La Viña
Dr. Cristina Liamzon
Aurma Manlangit
Anna Martinez
Mariel Vincent Rapisura
Leile Rispens-Noel
Raul Rodriguez
Edwin Salonga
Mylin Sapiera-Koebele
Francesca Suarez
Fr. Nilo Tanalega, SJ
Edgardo Valenzuela
Therese Ann Villanueva