Research is the powerful tool SEDPI uses to generate knowledge. SEDPI applies information from research to execute innovations for development initiatives. SEDPI’s research initiatives have helped to effectively manage programmed interventions among development organizations.

SEDPI has conducted breakthrough research for local and international clients. Locally, it has done research for large networks and renowned development organizations. Prominent international development organizations have also commissioned SEDPI services.

SEDPI employs both qualitative and quantitative methods for data gathering. Focus group discussions, key informant interviews, surveys, and participatory rapid appraisals are among the common methods used. These methods allow SEDPI to make in-depth analyses and statistical inquiries on data gathered. The researches are heavy on primary data and fieldwork to make the result more relevant and timely. SEDPI’s young and adaptable research team ensures that the research is carried out in an ethical manner.

As a capacity builder and market facilitator committed to innovation, SEDPI recognizes the importance of research for development. SEDPI seeks to expand its research portfolio through future partnerships with local and international organizations.