Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is SEDPI?

Social Enterprise Development Partnerships, Inc., or SEDPI, is the Philippines’ premiere capacity-builder in the fields of Microfinance, Social Entrepreneurship, and Financial Literacy.

Is SEDPI non-profit?

There are four organizations within SEDPI. Three of the organizations are for-profit and one is non-profit. The three for-profit organizations are Social Enterprise Development Partnerships, Inc., SEDPI Development Finance, Inc., and SEDPI Social Enterprise Ventures, Inc. The sole non-profit organization is SEDPI Foundation, Inc.

What are SEDPI’s products and services?

SEDPI provides capacity-building services and financing services. Capacity building services include training, research and consulting while financing services include loans, equity investments and socially responsible investments.

Is SEDPI a unit of Ateneo de Manila University?

No, SEDPI is not a unit of the Ateneo de Manila University. It has, however, a strong partnership with Ateneo in delivering the Ateneo-SEDPI Microfinance Capacity Building Program as well as the Leadership, Financial and Social Entrepreneurship program of the university.

Who does SEDPI work with?

SEDPI provides services to organizations that aim for economic empowerment of the poor. These organizations include, but are not limited to, international aid organizations, government institutions, microfinance institutions such as cooperatives, rural banks and non-government organizations, migrant organizations, local and international funding agencies, academic institutions and social enterprises among others.

Who benefits from SEDPI’s work?

SEDPI does not always directly work with primary stakeholders but are able to reach them through its partner organizations. SEDPI is a financial intermediary and delivers capacity building services to organizations it works with. The sectors that benefit from SEDPI’s work in this manner are the following:

  • Microenterprises or low-income entrepreneurs who are mostly women in both rural and urban areas
  • Farmers and fisherfolks
  • Overseas Filipino workers and their families

What is SEDPI’s vision?

SEDPI’s vision is to be a sustainable group of social enterprises for the economic empowerment of the poor.