Dean Roberto Galang Ushers in Collaborative Efforts at Socialized Housing Summit

Ateneo de Manila University warmly welcomed delegates to the pivotal 2nd Socialized Housing Summit with open arms and open minds, as Dean Roberto Galang set the stage for a collaborative discourse on tackling the Philippines’ housing crisis. 

Dean Galang acknowledged the gravity of the situation, noting the distressing shortfall in socialized housing units—the demand being 500,000, while a mere 11,000 were constructed last year, exacerbating an already 7 million unit shortage. 

In his remarks, he brought to light the glaring presence of informal settlements, a visible sign of the dire housing shortage that is far from the norm in other developing nations. The historical perspective provided a sobering reminder of past efforts, including post-independence housing projects in Quezon City, which now call for a renewed commitment to innovation and action. He urged the assembly of thought leaders and stakeholders to engage in a concerted effort, combining legislative and executive solutions, to advance housing solutions with urgency, especially in the face of increasing climate change risks. The summit, co-organized by ACSent and SEDPI on March 18-19, 2024, at the Ateneo de Manila University, aims to harness social entrepreneurship and forge partnerships across sectors to create lasting and meaningful change in providing adequate housing for Filipinos.

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