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Regulatory landscape of microfinance in the Philippines: An overview

Microfinance has emerged as a critical tool for poverty alleviation and financial inclusion in the Philippines. The government has recognized its potential and has enacted several laws and regulations to promote and regulate the sector (Llanto & Fukui, 2015). This paper examines the key regulations governing microfinance in the Philippines and their implications for the […]

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SEDPI and PhilHealth partnership: An empowering step towards accessible health insurance for nanoenterprises

The significance of the National Health Insurance Program (NHIP) under the Universal Health Care (UHC) Act in the Philippines is undisputable. As a nation, we must ensure that healthcare is both accessible and affordable to every Filipino citizen, particularly those from marginalized sectors. SEDPI, an organization that champions social investments, nanofinancing, and financial education to alleviate […]

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SEDPI at 19: Pioneering change and empowering communities

Warm greetings to you all. It fills me with immense joy and gratitude to stand before you on this significant occasion – the 19th anniversary of the SEDPI Group and the inauguration of our new headquarters in Rosario, Agusan del Sur. It’s wonderful to see so many familiar faces and new ones alike, as we come […]

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Comparative Overview of Nanoenterprises, Microenterprises, and Gig Economy Jobs: Characteristics, Market Factors, Risk Resilience, and Potential Impact

Introduction Across the economic landscape of the developing world, one cannot overlook the proliferation of small scale enterprises that create a significant economic impact at the grassroots level. This intricate tapestry of economic activity, composed of nanoenterprises, microenterprises, and gig economy jobs, holds tremendous potential for poverty alleviation and socio-economic mobility. To unlock this potential, […]

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Reimagining Farmers as Partners: Leveraging Savings for Credit Risk Mitigation in the Agricultural Sector

Delivered on May 23, 2023 at the Agricultural Credit Policy Council event held at the PICC Financial inclusion remains an essential factor for sustainable economic development, particularly in the realm of the agricultural sector. Having access to a broad range of financial services – which includes not only credit but also savings, insurance, and money […]

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The Maharlika Investment Fund (MIF): A critical examination of the Philippines’ proposed sovereign wealth fund

Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWFs) are state-owned investment funds that are used by countries to benefit their economies and citizens. They consist of various types of assets such as stocks, bonds, real estate, or other financial instruments, often derived from a nation’s surplus reserves. The concept of SWFs originated in the mid-20th century, pioneered by countries with […]

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SEDPI, Tumutugon sa Kalamidad: Relief Operations at Pagsusulong ng Resilient Housing sa Davao del Norte at Agusan del Sur

Nitong ika-16 ng Marso, 2023, nagsagawa ang Social Enterprise Development Partnerships Inc. (SEDPI) ng relief operations sa mga lugar na apektado ng Low Pressure Area sa Carmen, Davao del Norte at Prosperidad, Agusan del Sur. Ang organisasyon ay tumugon sa mga pangangailangan ng mga tao sa mga apektadong lugar sa pamamagitan ng SEDPI KaTambayayong na […]

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Fragile recovery persists among nanoenterprises post pandemic

Update 18 of SEDPI’s Rapid Community Assessment (RCA)October – December 2022 As the world slowly recovers from the pandemic, the economic landscape remains uncertain, especially for nanoenterprises. A recent survey conducted by our organization, Social Enterprise Development Partnerships, Inc. (SEDPI), reveals that 99% of nanoenterprises have resumed operations as of December 2022, indicating a promising […]

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Resilience and Recovery: A Chronological Analysis of Nanoenterprises Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on nanoenterprises (NEs) worldwide, with various stages of recovery, demand trends, and access to supplies experienced throughout the course of the pandemic. This article examines the chronological analysis of NEs’ recovery, demand trends, and access to supplies from March 2020 to December 2022, based on the Rapid […]

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Philippine microfinance industry estimates

The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) defines microfinance as the provision of a broad range of financial services such as deposits, loans, payment services, money transfers and insurance products to the poor and low-income households, for their microenterprises and small businesses, to enable them to raise their income levels and improve their living standards.[1] It is […]

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