Customer Care

Excellent customer care is essential to the rapidly changing landscape of the microfinance industry. Amidst the increasing number of microfinance players, providing clients with utmost care play a key role in the success of the organization. The course will start with understanding customer care and why there is a need to invest in it. The challenges of customer service and the strategic dimensions to undertake it will also be presented in this course. Participants will explore the role of the microfinance institution in crafting and sustaining delightful customer care for their operation. The course extends the process of customer care not only to the clients of the microfinance institutions but to the employees as well. In order to effectively deliver products and services to retain clients, the institution must have systematic and efficient strategies of motivating their employees. Customer care emphasizes the sustainability of a program through a thorough measurement of customer service levels provided by an institution. In addition, this course will also discuss how to take advantage of technology in order to develop and improve customer care. To end the course, industry research and practices on customer care and product and service delivery will also be shared with the participants.