Financial Mainstreaming of Microinsurance and Savings

This course is designed to assist microfinance institutions in crafting and implementing microinsurance and savings programs. On microinsurance, the course presents the seven basic principles of insurance, and the challenges that microinsurance faces. The course differentiates the characteristics of informal and formal insurance, and the different microinsurance products available. The course also introduces frameworks for assessing the insurance needs of clients and developing relevant microinsurance products. The course also outlines strategies in implementation such as linking up with insurance companies and integrating insurance with other financial products. Meanwhile, savings is discussed as a social service that benefits microfinance clients through consumption smoothening and reduction of vulnerability to risks. At the same time, savings mobilization also benefits microfinance institutions by generating funds for its credit products. In this course, participating organizations will be able to determine whether they are ready to mobilize savings, and what considerations have to be taken in the design process. Finally, marketing campaigns for microinsurance and savings will also be developed.