Hazel Karen Castro

Hazel Karen Castro graduated with a degree in Psychology from the Ateneo de Manila University. During her years in the university, she has immersed herself in socially-oriented organizations which inspired her to pursue a career in the development sector.

Hazel held vital positions for Musmos, an accredited sector-based organization in the Ateneo. For two consecutive years, she was the Katipunan Area Head, mainly tasked to organize the weekly apostolate areas and coordinate with the community. During her term, she has successfully conceptualized and executed projects both for the urban poor kids Musmos caters to and their parents. She served as the President of the organization tasked to coordinate and manage all projects and provide training and organizational development through improving systems for work efficiency. Her experience in Musmos encouraged her to work for the development industry, hoping to contribute significantly in society.

Hazel is also an entrepreneur. She is an independent distributor and supplier of anti-ageing, health, and wellness technologies and machines to end-consumers and businesses such as salons and spas. Her experience in business exposed her not only to different marketing and business strategies, but also to many personality development and financial literacy trainings including one from Rich Dad Asia, Brian Biro, Raymond Aaron, and Ty Bennett to name a few. Her experience in business further honed her skills in leadership, interpersonal relations, retailing, training and mentoring, and public speaking.

Hazel’s background both in business and organizational work inspired her to finally pursue a career in the development sector and gain more experience to someday be able to fulfill her personal advocacy of changing the young Filipinos’ money blueprint.