Supervision and Leadership for Microfinance

Middle managers play a crucial role in microfinance since they could be considered as the backbone of the microfinance institutions (MFIs). The middle management is the point where microfinance’s lofty mission must be translated into a sustainable and scalable operation. The middle managers are often poorly equipped to deal with this challenge. The course is designed to provide microfinance managers with a holistic understanding of various areas involved in managing microfinance operations. Participants are expected to gain practical knowledge and skills for effective delivery of microfinance products and services. The course covers topics such as management and leadership roles, the role and dynamics of teams, conflict resolution, assessment of microfinance operations, customer services, review of strategic plan, and review of skills needed to be an effective manager. The training approach includes workshops especially designed to assist microfinance managers in handling the various operational issues that they face such as delinquency, financial performance monitoring, human resource issues, and strategic plan issues.