LSE26 – Dubai


The LSE Basic Course (LSE 101) consists of 12 full-day sessions covering four sessions each for Leadership, Financial Literacy and Social Entrepreneurship. Of the 12 sessions, two financial literacy sessions are conducted as online sessions.

Contact Person/s

Jasper Adviento

Lucille Ong

LSE26 Dubai Program Schedule

Date Topic
March 13, 2015 Leadership 1: Overview of the LSE, Migration and Development, Self Mastery
March 20, 2015 Financial Literacy 1: Introduction to Personal Financial Management
March 27, 2015 Financial Literacy 2: Online Course on Self-Assessment and Financial Goals
April 3, 2015 Social Entrepreneurship 1: Introduction to Social   Entrepreneurship
April 17, 2015 Social Entrepreneurship 3: Planning Social Enterprise Idea Start Up
May 8, 2015 Financial Literacy 3: Online Course on Budgeting, Savings, Debt Management
May 9 , 2015 Social Entrepreneurship 2: Social Enterprise Idea Development
May 15, 2015 Financial Literacy 4: How to Invest and Investment Instruments
To be Announced Leadership 2: Relating With Others (Family, Friends)
To be Announced Leadership 3: Living in Community
June 7, 2015 Leadership 4: Servant Leadership and Good Governance
To be Announced Social Entrepreneurship 4: Integrating Elements of Social Entrepreneurship in Business Plan

Registration and Fee Payment Deadline: March 20, 2015