DLSCC Celebrates 52nd General Assembly

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The De La Salle Credit Cooperative (DLSCC) celebrated its 52nd anniversary in its Taft Campus. Approximately 1,300 cooperative members who are faculty and staff of De La Salle University system. The General Manager, Dr. Brian Gozun, delivered the good news to the cooperative members that the cooperative has grown to nearly PHP 500 million in terms of assets. DLSCC also distributed dividends to the members with an annual return of 9.1%.

SEDPI President and CEO, Mr. Mariel Vincent Rapisura, provided input on financial literacy and social entrepreneurship. This is to provide additional knowledge to DLSCC members as part of their member education. Mr. Rapisura provided a quick diagnostic to determine whether one has good personal finance practice. He also gave social enterprise examples – Good Food Community and Route +63 – to the cooperative members.