SEDPI’s Group Yearly Renewable Term Insurance

SEDPI offers Group Renewable Term Insurance (GYRT) in partnership with CLIMBS, a service more catered to common Filipino households.

Term insurance provides protection against emergencies for a specific period of time. As lifetime coverage is not always needed, term insurance provides cheaper premiums with larger benefits. On average, investment-linked insurance schemes charge PhP80,000 in premiums.

For the same PhP1 million coverage, individual term life insurance premiums can be as low as PhP5,500 for ages 21-30 and cap around PhP21,000 for ages 51-60. SEDPI’s Group Yearly Renewable Term has PhP500,000 life benefits and PhP500,000 accident benefits. For ages 18-60, the premium is PhP4,000. This makes it even more affordable compared to individual term insurance policies. Due to its affordability, participation in group insurance is high.

Group insurance means that one contract is issued to cover a group of people. In this case, SEDPI is the policyholder. As a SEDPI member, one is entitled to access this group insurance program, even if they are abroad.

OFWs dealing directly with Philippine-based insurance agents are constrained by a lack of international selling licenses. Since SEDPI is the policyholder an directly deals with CLIMBS, OFWs can participate in the insurance program. Eligibility is determined by membership to SEDPI, and the process does not require rigorous underwriting due to the large number of members.

Yearly Renewable insurance indicates that the insurance protection coverage is active for one year. The annual premium must be paid in order to restart coverage for the following term.

The group’s performance based on mortality rates is evaluated each year. A higher mortality rate may mean a higher adjusted premium the following year, but a lower mortality rate than average can lead to a lower premium for the group.

SEDPI members in Mindanao have exhibited lower mortality rates, and SEDPI is in negotiations with CLIMBS to lower the premium for this group.

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