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Never Too Small for Hope- Part III (Service Economy)

Federic Caneta / Resident of Cebu City – Furniture Maker  The miter saw is silent in Federic Caneta’s workshop. The carpenter has a cabinet and a couple of shelves from commissions that were canceled because of the lockdown. His monthly projects vary with demand, “I make furniture on a custom-made or pre-order basis. Orders would […]

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Never too Small for Hope – Part II (Transport and Logistics)

Image Credit: FreePik Respondent: Jhun Rodriguez / Resident of Quezon City- Tricycle Driver Jhun Rodriquez’s day would start with morning commuters in Quezon City. He is one of 4.5 million drivers across the country who have left their vehicles in garages until quarantine conditions are lifted. Jhun has put a ‘Family Use – Private’ sign on […]

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Plight of Microentrepreneurs in the Philippines Part 1 of 3 Sari-sari Stores

Never too Small for Hope- Part I Doing business is largely a family affair in the Philippines – 80% of enterprises are family-owned or family-controlled. Microenterprises are the most intimate and the most common of these businesses. Nine of out of 10 MSMEs in the Philippines are microenterprises. Their kinship is the most deep-rooted because […]

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